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1. The black border surrounding a theatrical motion picture screen. The border can be adjusted within certain limits (sides in/out, top and bottom up/down) to accommodate movies with different aspect ratios, making the screen fit the image. 2. A matte that creates an image with a specific shape (such as simulating the view through binoculars) or aspect ratio (such as the image mask in a camera, printer, or projector aperture plate). 3. A matte used in the creation of a composite image. v. 4. To crop an image. 5. To obscure something, such as bleeping out profanity or pixelating nudity in a television broadcast. 6. To obscure another actor unintentionally. Kroon, R. W. A/V a to z: An encyclopedic dictionary of media, entertainment and other Audiovisual terms. McFarland, 2014.

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