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The place where something is filmed, either interior or exterior. Technically, this excludes any shooting on a studio lot (back lot or soundstage). The distinction between location and studio shooting has been relaxed since the end of the Studio Era (c. 1950) to the point that a location could be anything other than a soundstage. Locations offer filming environments impossible or impractical to achieve on a soundstage or by using special or visual effects, but they also offer challenges such as controlling weather and light; obtaining sufficient electric power; transportation to and from the location; availability of parking for cast, crew, and equipment; interference from those not involved in filming; etc. The location department is responsible for finding, securing, and managing all of the logistics associated with location filming. Kroon, R. W. A/V a to z: An encyclopedic dictionary of media, entertainment and other Audiovisual terms. McFarland, 2014.

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