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The arrangement of projector and screen such that the projected image is on the opposite side from which it is viewed — the projector is behind the screen while the audience is in front and views the image through the translucent screen. This projection method is generally not as bright as front projection. Its principal advantages are that objects standing in front of the screen, especially people, do not cast a shadow; it can be used in a well-lit space, rather than a darkened auditorium; and the projector is hidden behind the screen. These attributes make it suitable for use during production for process shots (where an actor is filmed in front of a rear projection screen showing a moving background image). Process shots have since been replaced by chromakey photography (mostly blue or green screen). Kroon, R. W. A/V a to z: An encyclopedic dictionary of media, entertainment and other Audiovisual terms. McFarland, 2014.

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