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The shade of a particular color as determined by the dominant wavelength of visible light and judged according to its similarity to one of the perceived colors red, yellow, green, and blue, or some combination. The shades of gray, ranging from black to white, do not have hue. The human vision system automatically adjusts perceived hues to create a natural white balance. When images are recorded to film or video, any color cast present at the time of photography becomes immediately apparent. To deliver a natural seeming image, one may need to adjust or filter the light. When shooting on film, it is important to match the type of light to the film stock (tungsten vs. daylight). When shooting on video, it is important to white balance the camera (simulating the natural while balance performed by human vision). Kroon, R. W. A/V a to z: An encyclopedic dictionary of media, entertainment and other Audiovisual terms. McFarland, 2014.

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